Pure Ground Ingredient’s Sustainability Goals

People, Land, Practices
We strive to act in a responsible manner that is dedicated for the benefit of our partner-growers and customers alike, working in a conscious manner that results in positive results - to the land that our growing partners live and work on, to the communities they live in, as well as our own. We value our partnerships; from Nature to our valued customers and communities. We at Pure Ground Ingredients are dedicated to bringing you the world's best organic and fair trade products.

Environmental and Agricultural Practices: Supporting Organic and BioDynamic Agriculture
Every supplier and growing partner we work with is audited and inspected in order to ensure that they are meeting standards for quality, food safety, positive environmental impact and reasonable and ethical working conditions. Working with our growers and their communities; providing solutions and services to our customers; supporting our local community and workers - we strive to bring positive impact to whatever we do.