Central America

In the heart of the Honduran mountains, nestled between the Atlantic and Carribeane coasts is a small community that grows and collects cardamom. We have partnered with the Jerezano family who have been growing and processing Cardamom for more than 30 years and are a proud hard working family offering some of the world finest Cardamom. It is an ideal location for Cardamom to grow with heavy afternoon rains onthe steep and rugged mountain sides of the temperate forests which provide for the natural drainage the tuber root system requires.

We Value Our Partnerships
As part of our work with producers, we build bridges that benefit both the growers and their communities.

In this community, a bridge has been built over the St Theresa River to connect two communities in an area that is normally impassable during the rainy season. This bridge continues to provide access for workers and students in both communities to meet their ongoing daily needs.

Currently students must travel long distances to go to school, so our next partnership project is to help expanding additional classrooms and funding to the community education facilities, adding middle school access to its current 1-6 grades.

We have also partnered with another local organic fair trade cooperative producing high quality coffee, honey, fruits and additional fair trade products. They specialize in providing dried Coffee Cherry pulp which is high in Antioxidants and Vitamin C and can be drunk as a relaxing tea that has hints of coffee and cherry. Together we are developing several organic fair trade medicinal herbs and tea ingredients of exceptional quality.

In Nicaragua we have partnered with another local producer group of over 100 producer families to bring a variety of organic & fair trade spices that offer them an alternative crop to the coffee bringing both economic development as well as further biodiversity to their land.